im-abi : image ability is instincitive installation graphic from tokyo japan.



copyright image ability + ungraffi all rights reserved.

graphic design

art direction + graphic design : tomomichi ikeda
motion development : kenji imada
creative direction : sanae uchinaka
[ now in Italy ]


firstly image ability is the installation file
which is for the purpose of expressing it as intuition as
but I felt it I do not take words as words, and to wear
because I take a theory as a theory.
we take good care of inspiration and sympathy without lending
an ear in a dull objection just arguments without keeping a
deep meaning for words.
when we understood a meaning of the thing,
I am rich, and we may grow big widely.


presenting the free minded identity and the creativity


villa-hata 3F , 6-33-11 jingumae shibuya-ku tokyo, japan


art director , graphic designer
tomomichi ikeda :


image ability + ungraffi
all rights reserved.

from japan / england