November 2008 arichives

November 27, 2008

d'une rarete _GYRE B1F

近いのでmtgスペースから最近よく行くのがGYREのB1にあるd'une rarete(デュヌ ラルテ)。


ふと午後の日差しが豊かになるとd'une rareteで数個パンを買ってきて





d'une rarete

address :
5-10-1 jingumae minato-ku tokyo
150-0001 japan

tel : +81 3 5468 0417
open : 11:00-20:00

November 5, 2008

asanochiyuki VI : and piano sound



dress brand
asano chiyuki branding

asano chiyuki website version.0
and piano sound


brand direction : chiyuki asano ( milleb Inc. )
art direction + graphic design : tomomichi ikeda
interactive design : tc3
translation : jun nakamura ( four-eighty )
brand concept : chiyuki asano
piano sound : airy blast
sound compilation : ungraffi


November 4, 2008

dress brand asanochiyuki VI : logo design


dress brand
asano chiyuki branding

brand direction : chiyuki asano ( milleb Inc. )
brand indentity + logo, graphic design : tomomichi ikeda


brand concept

it’s pretty recent when girls started to talk about them. the era’s come for the sexy, not the sweet & feminine.
hostesses, who put in on beauty and have the wit and manner, are now the trendsetters.

their news-conscious and curious manner to pursuit on beauty and social affair; that idyllic sexiness, or allurement,
at times attract general interest and develop to a trend. likewise,
brisk men gather around to their strong intellect and curious mind.
their job is not just a nightclub business anymore. high quality service is now in demand,
and their skills do match those first-rate concierge and service staff at major companies if not more.


chiyuki asano ( fashion designer )

after graduating ESMOD Paris,
she worked as a designer in paris
acquiring pattern techniques to emphasize the beauty of feminine bodylines.
she engaged in many brands and designs worldwide with her own brand
“J’espère” as well as sanei-international co., ltd.

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