May 2010 arichives

May 19, 2010

NetWare™ VI : logodesign + information card


NetWare™ visual identity
logo design with information card


visual identity : tomomichi ikeda ( ungraffi )
art direction + graphic design : tomomichi ikeda ( ungraffi )
logotype base : SnvD
paper : coatwell paper
print : G print


NetWare Inc. Method

We always have a solution that will fit your particular needs.
The company can reduce its publishing costs by repurposing existing contents.
We habe top-class business support service and I support that business is promoted smoothly.

NetWare |
5-30-7 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0051 Japan





May 18, 2010




TOCCA NYC / JPN -- grand view


brand direction : ritsuko tsutsumi ( TOCCA JPN / OW ), jun takahashi ( OW )
photo direction : hideki nakajima ( nakajima design )
account exective: mie koshihara (pgh)
art direction + graphic design : tomomichi ikeda ( ungraffi )
interactive design : minoru sako ( minsak )
mt , html coding : toshihisa ohno ( nagi )
technical deirection : nagi co., ltd.
tecnical manager : reiko kashima ( OW )


The origins of TOCCA are as untraditional and whimsical as its clothing. In the winter of 1994, a group of friends and acquaintances gathered to celebrate the New Year in St. Lucia. Among them were Edoardo Mantelli, TOCCA’s Creative Director and TOCCA’s first designer, Marianne Oudejan. The two recognized a similar aesthetic and vision for beautiful yet affordable clothes with designer details. Within a few months, TOCCA’s third partner and President, Gordon Finkelstein, had joined the company after a fortuitous meeting of minds. The friends launched TOCCA from a small 400 square foot office in the garment district. TOCCA’s early collection, from candy-colored terry cloth tube dresses to sari-inspired embroidered mini dresses, were an immediate hit for their unique styling, unexpected details and surprisingly affordable pricing. TOCCA was worn by the tastemakers of the day – from Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen to Samantha Kluge, Tatiana Von Furstenberg and Zoe Cassavetes.

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