March 2012 arichives

March 1, 2012

NEW CITY ART FAIR - Chelsea, New York




NEW CITY ART FAIR - Chelsea, New York
Japanese Contemporary Art at hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK


brand direction : kentaro totsuka ( hpgrp gallery ) 
, hisa yamamoto ( hpgrp gallery newyork ) 

project management : noriyuki morisawa (H.P.FRANCE S.A)

art work : hpgallery newyork
art direction / graphic design : tomomichi ikeda ( ungraffi )

interactive design and develop : tccc
transration : shohei yamada



the new city art fair is the one and only japanese contemporary art fair in nyc. located at hpgrp gallery
newyork, at 529 west 20th street, the show will be open from ma rch 7-march 11.
the entrance to the fair is free.

charity photo exhibition by taka
part of sales will be donated to japan earthquake relief

directory of japanese artists in nyc
new city art fair supports japanese artists in new york city, w hose personal websites are accessible through the
website of new city art fair.


new city art fair executive office
525 west 20th street, 2w, new york, ny
tel: +1-212-727-2491 fax: +1.212 727 7030
email: info@newcityartfair .com

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